How has K Design Group used Clarc to take back valuable time every day?

How has K Design Group used Clarc to take back valuable time everyday?

Who are K Design Group?

K Design Group is an engineering consultancy based in Auckland, New Zealand, led by Director, Kimi Sheng.


Why the change? The search for simplicity

K Design Group launched in late 2020. They’re a team of five and Director, Kimi Sheng, has big growth plans. Kimi has been looking for a management tool help take his company and team more effective..

“I wanted a system that wasn’t too expensive or complicated for our needs today, but that would give us everything we need for tomorrow as we expand.” said Kimi.

Simplicity and clarity were key factors in K Design Group’s decision to go with Clarc.

“We wanted a tool that actually makes life easier. That may sound obvious, but for teams like ours, many management tools end up just being a time-consuming overhead. They provide a fantastic amount of functionality and options, and only about 20% of those are useful to me.
What sold me on Clarc was that it’s intuitive, easy to use and it’s got a clean interface. For anything I need to do, it’s just a few simple steps.”


Making the switch. How the Clarc team helps you onboard.

The Clarc team works hard to make sure every customer gets all the value they can from the Clarc platform.

“When we decided to switch from our current tools the support team at Clarc was really helpful, helping us transfer our data. We took them on when they offered training sessions to get our team up to speed. When we needed help, the support staff were able to quickly reply to our enquiries and guide us to the right place.”


The result – Taking time back from invoicing

Central to Clarc’s value to engineers is that it provides all the tools an engineering company needs in one integrated platform.

“When I set up my first project in Clarc I was impressed by how easy it was. What really wowed me though, was when I went to invoice for that project. Half the invoice was already done. The way they’ve connected projects with timesheets and invoicing really works.”

With an integrated toolset comes the opportunity to automate manual tasks. This is how Clarc gives back hours of time every month to engineers around the world.

“Invoicing used to be a bit of a pain. It’s not anymore because Clarc is doing the tedious work for me. It takes about a quarter of the time it used to.”

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