What’s changed since Square Tomato started using Clarc?

Square Tomato are an architectural consultancy based in Auckland, New Zealand. Founder and director of the company, Harvey Wang, tells us what’s changed in their workflow since they’ve started using Clarc.

“We’ve been using Clarc for 4 months and it’s been a tremendous improvement on our previous timesheet system.  Clarc has freed us up a huge amount of administration time and we can now spend that valuable time on more important things.

“Clarc has freed us up a huge amount

of administration time

Clarc allows the design team to adjust the amount of time they spend on a task by giving them an understanding of budget and the level of detail required. With Clarc we get a good match between the team’s output/deliverables and the budget available. I now have confidence that staff understand how much time to allot to each task which means this doesn’t have to be constantly reviewed and reinforced by a manager. There is also better feedback from the team on whether time budgeted is actually realistic for the task.

Clarc has also helped immensely with our invoicing efficiency.  With just a push of a button we can import time-sheet information into invoices.

We highly recommend Clarc.”

“Clarc has helped immensely with our

invoicing efficiency


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