Clarc’s new and exciting video explainer

Clarc’s brand new Explainer video

Our team has worked hard over the past few months, working with local video production company RP Studios to help produce a quick explainer video about Clarc.

We’re proud to announce that the video is finished and ready to watch below!

The explainer video will help new and potential users better understand Clarc and how it can help with their consultancy.

The Message

We were really excited to tell the world about Clarc and its capabilities so it was important for us to make sure the video delivered our messages reflecting the core values of Clarc. For this we worked extensively internally and with our production company brainstorming our ideas. Lots of ideas flew across the table as we drew upon all our creative juices to encapsulate all of what Clarc could do.


” The core concept for Clarc as a tool was about providing the Clarity to create for professional consultants. We wanted to express the lightness and the upbeat nature of Clarc as it takes away the stress and complexity within the professional workflow.”


The Process

After developing the messaging and on-screen structure it was time for our partners at RP Studios to go away to formulate the script.

Through many iterations, we developed the script into something that we believed would work and could get our message across. At the same time, we were also developing the visual narrative through written annotation and storyboarding to help visualise exactly how the video would look.

After we finalised the script it was time to start the process of casting, costuming, prop hunting and set building. The days went by quickly and before we knew it, the shoot date was approaching.

On the day, our own creative team worked with the art director to dress and prepare the set for each shot. For 2 full-on days, we shot footage for both the explainer and a set of shorter videos that we could run on social media. The entire production team worked towards our vision for the best video possible, for Clarc and what we wanted to express.

Once shooting was over we moved into post-production process. Perfecting the end result, adjusting the images and adding animations. Finally, after all the great work from all involved, the video was ready for all to see!



We hope you enjoy our video explainer and will be as excited as we are about helping professionals achieve their goals,

The team at Clarc.



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