Fixed fee budgets and invoicing update.

Tool Update

Fixed fee budgets and invoicing update.


We’re here to announce that Clarc now helps with all your fixed fee budgeting and invoicing needs, with easy to understand visual displays of your project stage statuses.



Watch our quick fixed fee guide here:


Fixed Fee update from Clarc on Vimeo.



What is fixed fee budgeting & invoicing?

Fixed fee milestone budgeting and invoicing allows you to set budgets to each of your project stages according to the fixed fee amount that derives from your contract, quote or fee proposal.

The budget will automatically update as your team enter their time depending on their individual hourly rate charge you have set in the admin settings.

This allows you to track how much of the fixed monetary budget you and your team are using.

While creating invoices you can now see a visual display of both your hourly-rate and fixed fee budgets which updates live as you add to your invoice so you can be sure they are accurate to your original agreement.


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