Visual project Timeline update

Visual project Timeline update

Now you can manage your projects with a visual interface with Clarc’s Timeline!

You might have noticed a new feature has popped up within Clarc. Our new Timeline makes quick work of your task allocation and resource management needs.

What is Clarc’s Timeline?

The Timeline visually displays all of your teams tasks and where they sit within the time schedule of your business in the form of a timeline.

View workloads and deadlines across all of your projects with the project view. You can also sort the timeline by assignee to see what tasks each of your team members are working on and where those tasks line up against deadlines.

Be more assured that tasks can be completed on time the Timeline is automatically updated with your latest tasks and due dates ensuring projects run smoothly through stages.

Use this view to reallocate resources to maintain a balanced workload between your team so that no one gets overrun. Help keep your projects on track with a clearer view of your businesses workload.

Where do I find the new Timeline feature?

From anywhere in Clarc, move your mouse all the way to the left of your screen and a secondary navigation menu will appear with quick access to your personal task list, schedule and the Timeline function.

If you’re in the project section you can access the timeline from a separate tab at the top left below the logo.

Get started with the timeline feature now and see how it can make managing your project easier.

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