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Introducing Clarc's new User Interface!

Clarc’s new user interface is here !

Find out about on how we have made it even easier for professionals to take care of their admin needs.

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Introducing Clarc’s User Interface Update

Introducing Clarc's new User Interface We're excited to bring you the new user interface update for Clarc! While reinforcing all the wonderful feature of Clarc this new update looks to further improve the user experience and make it even easier than ever for professionals to breeze through all your admin tasks. We have released a [...]

Clarc’s new and exciting video explainer

Clarc's brand new Explainer video Our team has worked hard over the past few months, working with local video production company RP Studios to help produce a quick explainer video about Clarc. We're proud to announce that the video is finished and ready to watch below! The explainer video will help new and potential users [...]

How has K Design Group used Clarc to take back valuable time every day?

How has K Design Group used Clarc to take back valuable time everyday? Who are K Design Group? K Design Group is an engineering consultancy based in Auckland, New Zealand, led by Director, Kimi Sheng.   Why the change? The search for simplicity K Design Group launched in late 2020. They’re a team of five [...]

Press release: No more admin juggle for architects and professional consultants

The new architectural management tool for professional consultants – Featured on Working on any development project means lots of people. It’s a collaborative process that spans the breadth of the construction industry, from architects and designers to engineers and contractors. Keeping track of projects and managing that process means a lot of admin work, often […]

Visual project Timeline update

Now you can manage your projects with a visual interface with Clarc’s Timeline!

Fixed fee budgets and invoicing update.

We’re here to announce that Clarc now helps with all your fixed fee budgeting and invoicing needs, with easy to understand visual displays of your project stage statuses.

For architects, project management must be simple and clear

For architects, project management must be simple & clear

One challenge all architectural consultancies face is complexity. Construction is a highly regulated industry. It is also specialised and therefore highly collaborative. Architects work closely with planners, surveyors, engineers…the list goes on. Add to this the work required to keep the wheels turning smoothly in your own practice and architects have a busy day before they’ve even started designing.

Christmas comes early as the holiday season approaches.

Christmas couldn’t come fast enough in 2020. We’ve had highs and lows but that didn’t stop us seeing off the year in style with the Clarc Christmas party. A day of fun and games at Auckland’s Cornwall Park followed by a meal out to celebrate Clarc’s first Christmas after launching this year and we have high hopes for 2021 being a great year.

What’s changed since Square Tomato started using Clarc?

Square Tomato are an architectural consultancy based in Auckland, New Zealand. Founder and director of the company, Harvey Wang, tells us what’s changed in their workflow since they’ve started using Clarc.

How GNR Studios increased their project efficiency

Customer Stories How GNR Studios increased their project efficiency     GNR Studios are an architectural consultancy based in Auckland, New Zealand. Co-Founder and director of GNR Studios, Greg Turner, explains how Clarc has made it easier for their team to work within the budget of a project and how that saves time and increases [...]

Why Artitect Design Ltd love Clarc!

Artitect Design are an architectural consultancy based in Auckland, New Zealand. Here’s what Jessica Lo, a member of the Artitect team, had to say about Clarc. I love this tool! We’re a small team so we used to collect all our timesheet information by hand. I used to go around the team each week and ask them how much time they’d spent on what and then I’d manually transfer that into an Excel spreadsheet.

How Clarc is saving X Studio Architects time

X Studio Architects, a small firm located at the B:Hive building in Auckland, New Zealand have had great success with their architectural practice and needed a tool that catered to their needs as a team. Here’s their story as told be associate director, Han Chen.

Our approach to training and onboarding

Training Our approach to training and onboarding   We believe in letting you choose what’s best for you. Whether it be our one on one hands-on training program or the more DIY approach or even a mixture of both. Along with our training process we also help you import all of your old existing data [...]

We are Clarc

About us We are Clarc   Clarc takes the time out of business admin and removes collaboration mishaps for architects, engineers, surveyors and project managers by integrating all their day-to-day management needs into one tool.  By using Clarc, professional consultants are free to focus on the work that matters, which is doing great work for [...]

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