Customer Stories

Clarc customers share stories of their businesses and how Clarc helped them along the way.

“It’s not just management time that we’re saving, but time on projects is generally better spent“
– Greg Turner, Director of GNR Studios

Square Tomato Architects

“Clarc has also helped immensely with our invoicing efficiency. With just a push of a button we can import time-sheet information into invoices.”

– Harvey Wang   Director

X Studio Architects

“If I had to guess I’d say I’m saving about two days per month in total or just under an hour a day on average. We’re also a little better at staying on budget for project stages.”

– Han Chen   Associate Director

GNR Studios

“Before Clarc we were using proprietary timesheet software but I needed a tool that would help us simply and quickly match project time budgets to project tasks.”

– Greg Turner   Director

Artitect Design

“Now I can spend that time on design and the whole process is a lot less stressful”

– Jessica Lo   Designer

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