Business Management

Have the information you need to make better decisions

With all your project, timesheets and invoicing information managed in one place, Clarc can provide you with insights and analysis to help you make decisions based on facts, not hunches.

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    Track invoice payments with Xero

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    Create instant project reports

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    Manage leave & attendance

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    Analyse project profitability

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    Schedule work with team Gannt charts

Invoice tracking with Xero

Keep track of all your invoices

Keep track of invoice payments easily through an overview of all your invoices, sorted by value and payment status. Assess your business’ past and future profitability and integrate with your existing invoice software such as Xero.

Project reports

Create beautiful project reports with one click

Instantly generate project reports with detailed breakdowns taken from your timesheet records. Adjust flexible parameters that narrow down reports to focus on specific details within your business.

Leave & attendance management

Always know your team's availability

Manage your team’s availability through leave applications. Anyone in your team is able to request leave for the admin to review. Days off will always be recorded in your schedule so every member of your team will be able to see the availability of their fellow team members.

Project profitability analysis

Keep track of project profitability - Coming soon

Track whether you are spending too much time on a project, where the overspend is coming from and whether you need to adjust your quote to ensure that you have enough time to get the work done.

Team workload Gannt charts

Know who's busy and who's not - Coming soon

See what everyone’s working on all at once, so you can find a home for a new task or make sure you’re not overloading your team with an unrealistic workload. View upcoming deadlines and drag tasks around to adjust along with your workflow.

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