Business Management

Have the information you need to make better decisions

With all your project, timesheets and invoicing information managed in one place, Clarc can provide you with insights and analysis to help you make decisions based on facts, not hunches.

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    Project and business reporting

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    Schedule work with project timelines

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    Manage leave & attendance

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    Keep track of Project budgets

Project reports

View beautiful project reports with one click

Know how your projects are performing. Instantly generate and view project reports with detailed breakdowns of work done on the project or view project financial status and profitability with the click of a button.

Keep track of project work, costs, invoiced amounts and budgets to make informed decisions.

Project Timelines

Stay on course with Project timelines

Take advantage of Clarc’s timeline function to view and manage project and task deadlines to keep your projects on track.

Clarc’s timeline also lets you understand your team’s workload, plotting each team members associated tasks and deadlines so you can plan and distribute work effectively.

Project Budget Reports

Keep track of Project Budgets

Project budget reports give you an overview of the budget for each project broken down into stages. These amounts are shown in comparison to the cost allowing you to identify at risk projects and trends across different projects.

You can also stay alert to potential shortfalls in invoicing by tracking how much has been invoiced versus project progress and costs.

Invoice tracking with Xero

Keep track of all your invoices

Keep track of invoice payments easily through an overview of all your invoices, sorted by value and payment status. Assess your business’ past and future profitability and integrate with your existing invoice software such as Xero.

Team attendance & Resource management

Manage your team's availability

Clarc allows you to break down your teams productivity and workload across their projects and tasks. You can use this to measure the workload of your employees and to see where you can make adjustments help them improve.

Manage your teams attendance through Clarc’s attendance schedule making it easy for you to manage availability and your team to apply for leave.

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