Project Collaboration

Bring clarity to your collaboration

From sharing documents or ideas to keeping track of projects and deadlines, Clarc helps you and your partners work better as a team.

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    Share & sign documents

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    Live chat with your team

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    Provide a dedicated portal to clients

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    Connect to other teams

Share & sign documents

Easily share, confirm & sign up to date files

Share files with your team, your partners or your clients. All your project documents are organised in one place that’s easy for everyone to find, with the latest document versions listed first.

You can request and receive file confirmations online, allowing for prompt replies to keep your projects moving.

Live chat and comment

Live chat with your team and others

Send live messages and images, reducing wait times. Your team and partners can quickly respond to questions and push your projects forward.

Messages are organised by project task which makes them easy to find when you need them.

Dedicated client portal

Make you and your clients' lives easier

Clients have their own portal to make collaboration and communication easy. Clients can approve designs, sign contracts or view reports. Centralised information for both you and your client makes everyone’s lives easier and speeds up projects.

Connect to other teams

Work together with other consultants

You can expand your project team to include any external consultancy who also have a Clarc account. You can assign project tasks, share documents and send confirmation requests. All your collaboration happens in one place, keeping things clear and organised for everyone.

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