Project Management

Make coordinating complex projects simple

From tracking projects progress, measuring work done against budgeted hours or fees and project deadline overviews, project management is easier with Clarc.

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    Coordinate projects from anywhere

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    Track project budgets as you go

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    Share files & collaborate over designs

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    Plan work with project Gantt charts

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Coordinate projects from anywhere

Work from anywhere,
as a team

Your team can access Clarc from anywhere with a web browser.  When tasks are assigned, Clarc gives the team clarity on who’s doing what, what the budget is, how much budget is left and when the deadline is.

Project budget tracking

Deliver tasks on time and on budget

Your team can easily manage their time by using the inbuilt time budgeting system. They can monitor their progress through a project and know in advance whether they are spending too much or too little time on a project, helping you avoid project overruns or late work.

File sharing & document collaboration

Everyone on the same drawing, wherever they're working

Your projects act as shared folders that show you which is the latest version of a drawing. You can collaborate with multiple team members or external teams at once, safe in the knowledge you’re collaborating over the same document version.

Project Timelines

Get the whole picture with Project Timelines

Project timelines simplify project management by giving you a complete picture of your project’s progress. The timeline shows you who’s working on what tasks and whether everyone is on track to meet upcoming deadlines including documents due to you by other consultants.

Project Report

Keep your projects on track

Know how your projects are performing with detailed breakdowns the project’s financial status and profitability with the click of a button. Keep track of project work, costs, invoiced amounts and budgets to make informed decision.

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