Timesheets & Invoicing

Take the hassle out of time tracking and invoicing

With Clarc, timesheet entries are connected to project budgets and invoicing. Your team can easily keep track of project budgets as they work and import their timesheet entries directly into a new invoice with the click of a button.

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    Fixed fee & time based invoice automation

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    Record time from calendars

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    See budgets at timesheet entry

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    Track payments with Xero

Automated invoicing

Fixed fee & time based invoice automation

Cut your invoicing time in half with smart, automated invoicing. With Clarc you can import timesheets into invoices instantaneously and manage fixed fee or hourly rate invoices with ease.

Record time from calendars

Turn calendar entries into timesheet entries

Clarc’s scheduling feature integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook for synchronised calendar entries. Add any scheduled task or meeting directly to your timesheets with the click of a button.

Budgets shown at timesheet entry

Timesheets that help teams stay under budget

Team members can see how much budget is left when entering their time so they know in advance whether they are spending too much or too little time on a project, helping avoid project overruns or late work.

Invoice dashboard

Invoice dashboard makes tracking payments easy

Track and manage all your invoices at once. View all your invoices together, organised by value and payment status.  See monthly revenue trends so you know how business is tracking.

Synchronise invoices with Xero integration

Native integration to Xero accounting software

Xero integration for real-time payment status information and updates in both platforms when changes are made. Working together with your favourite invoicing software

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