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  • September 30, 2020

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October 2020 brings with it brand new updates to Clarc and we’re here to show you how to make the most out of these new features for your business.

What’s new – highlights

New and improved Projects section with many new features and benefits

Choice of dollar or time values for project budgets

Introducing Project & Team Timelines

Clarc schedule integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook Integration

Clarc invoicing integrates with Xero and MYOB

Quick access side tray with your schedule and list of assigned tasks

New and improved Projects section

The revamped the Clarc Projects section will make it easier for you to manage your projects and collaborate with others.

We’ve split projects into stages and components to allow you to better manage your workflow within Clarc. Stages are designed to be the larger portions of projects that are specified within the contract and that you would bill for, such as Concept,developed design or Building Consent for an architect. Stages is also where you would set time budgets and  record your time against. Underneath that goes your components which act as the smaller breakdown of tasks within each of your stages. Components can then be assign to your team and given due dates and statuses.

  1. Add Project Stage – Add a new project stage or your preset project stages.
  2. No Stage – Tasks/Components that have not been assigned to one of your stages will stick to the top under a “No Stage” heading. This may be useful for reference information that isn’t necessarily work carried out during one of your stages, such as site information.
  3. Stages – Project stages for time recording a billing against budgets such as Concept Design.
  4. Components – Tasks to be carried out within the corresponding stage of your project.
  5. Link to Client – Decide whether you want to share this component with your client.
  6. Share With – Decide on the sharing options of this component. Share this component with either All partners within this project, the assigned partner and yourself only (APO), or only yourself.
  7. Assignee – Assign this component to another partner company or a member of your own team.
  8. Due Date – Set a due date for this component.
  9. Status – Shows the current status of a component and whether it is overdue. Click to mark as completed.
  10. Budget – Set a time or monetary budget to a stage for your team to monitor their progress as they record time against it. Click to edit at any time.

Adding Stages

  1. Click on the add project stage button
  2. Enter stage information to add a new stage 
  3. If you wish to add preset stages expand the preset default stage menu to select presents 
  4. Once you have finished editing the stages click the add to project button.

Adding Components

  1. Click on the plus button next to the project stage or 
  2. Drag the new component tile or a recent component from the sidebar into a stage  
  3. Once a new components is added you can edit its name and other fields

Project live chat

Clarc’s new Live Chat feature allows you to communicate with your team members and connected Yoboo partners.  We’ve built the chat feature at the Project Component level.  When you collaborate with team members or partners over a Project Component, your messages and correspondence is stored there and is easy for everyone to reference.

  1. Select one of your components to open the sidebar
  2. Comment live with your team, partners and clients by entering your message into the text box. 
  3. Attach files and review documents for more effective collaboration.

More Information

Clarc October 2020 update