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Introduction to Clarc

Work together within the project workspace

Assign tasks to your staff or connect to other teams, keep track of due dates and budgets to prevent overruns and operate more efficiently.

It’s not just management time that we’re saving, but time on projects is generally better spent.

Greg Turner
Architect at GNR Studio

Easily communicate with others from anywhere

Send and share files between staff, to other teams and also your clients. Live chat and comment on documents for effective and fast communication.

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E-Signature Confirmation

Send documents to others and have them returned in no time with an in-built E-signature function that allows for prompt replies that automatically update once confirmed.

“When I set up my first project in Clarc I was impressed by how easy it was.

Kimi Sheng
Director at K Design Group Ltd

View detailed reports to make more
informed business decisions

Use reports that gather data from all of your projects to provide you with valuable statistics about profitability, project budgets, staff resources to make informed decisions and increase profitability.

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