Whether your an Architect or designer, Clarc has tools tailored specificially for your workflow

Digital Contracts

with consultants

Create and SignQuotes & Contracts

Create and Sign Quotes & Contracts

Clients can see connected consultants

Create architectural service agreements tailored to each project type such as commercial or residential contracts. Connect your fees directly to project budgets for automatic project creation once a conract is signed.

Work with your
team & clients

Create and Sign
Quotes & Contracts

Record time live
while on site

Assessment &

Sign your Contract

Upload drawings for design reviews, talk it through with your own team and even bring your client in to communicate with as well to review and confirm documents. Send on site photos and work out solutions in real time with a live chat.

Timesheets connected directly to Invoicing

Work with clear
project milestones

Smart Invoicing
& Time Reports

Create smart invoices

Review and sign drawings online

Track time your spending on each individual stage, ensuring that you keep within your budgets and transfer that time into invoices to bill for time spent.

Timesheet & Invoice

Business and financial Reporting features

Prevent overruns with
Budget Reports

Organise your Received Invoices

Use reports to analyse how your business is trending. Break this down into stages and adjust your budgets to evenly distribute profits between concept stages through to drafting and construction observation.

Clarc allows the design team to adjust the amount of time they spend on a task by giving them an understanding of budget and the level of detail required.

Greg Turner l Architect at

GNR Studios