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We are Clarc, the integrated management platform that takes the time out of business admin and collaboration for architects, engineers, surveyors and project managers, leaving them free to focus on what matters, their clients and their work.

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Clarc was founded by Owen Xing, an architect in Auckland, New Zealand. Owen had grown his architectural firm from the ground up and the more the company grew, the more he was held back by painfully manual administrative tasks. Each invoice took longer than it should and keeping track of budgets, deadlines and who’s working on what project task was giving him headaches.

It wasn’t just manual tasks, like all architects he worked extensively with other consultancies on behalf of his clients and this collaboration was often hindered by document version confusion and lost emails.

Owen asked himself, in a world with Amazon and Xero, why was running an architectural consultancy such hard work?

Lightbulbs went off, sparks flew and a Clarc was born.

Founded in Auckland, New Zealand.