Meet GNR Studio

“It’s not just management time that we’re saving but time on projects generally is better spent.”

- Director, Greg Turner


Company Background

GNR Studios are an architectural consultancy based in Auckland, New Zealand. Co-Founder and director of GNR Studios, Greg Turner, explains how Clarc has made it easier for their team to work within the budget of a project and how that saves time and increases efficiency.“Before Clarc we were using proprietary timesheet software but I needed a tool that would help us simply and quickly match project time budgets to project tasks.Knowing how much time to allot to a particular design task can be difficult which makes preventing time budget blowouts a challenge.


Challenge & Solution

Clarc allows the design team to adjust the amount of time they spend on a task by giving them an understanding of budget and the level of detail required. With Clarc we get a good match between the team’s output/deliverables and the budget available. I now have confidence that staff understand how much time to allot to each task which means this doesn’t have to be constantly reviewed and reinforced by a manager. There is also better feedback from the team on whether time budgeted is actually realistic for the task.