Pac Studio: Clarc specialises in serving the construction industry

Clarc is fundamentally focused on the delivery of projects for professional services businesses in the building sector.

- Pac Studio


Company Background

"We are Pac Studio, a medium sized architectural firm based in Auckland and practicing around New Zealand. We are a practice that undertakes all scales of work and look to be involved in special projects with unusual solutions. The hallmarks of our projects are Design Excellence, Sustainability and Fun."


Challenges faced before using Clarc

"We used aproject management tool, WorkflowMax, to try and manage our projects andbilling before switching over to Clarc. The issues we had were that it wasgeneric, not focused on the professional services sector and definitely nottuned to the use of an architecture firm. It was cumbersome, required lots oftime and the reporting functions didn’t provide us with insights that wereuseful. It slowed us down, rather than empowering us with information."


Benefits after using Clarc

"Clarc isfundamentally focused on the delivery of projects for professional servicesbusinesses in the building sector. So its structure is familiar, its automationand connectivity to Xero is clear and the reporting functions are brilliant interms of managing a growing architectural practice. We can keep up to date onevery project, track the projects and staff against our own determined metricsand have easily readable graphics we can share with clients and collaborators."


Most useful features for Pac Studio

"The reportingfunctions in Clarc are really useful as a manager. We can see how projects areperforming, where interventions need to be made, where our resources are beingused. The information helps us tailor our project delivery, but also how wemanage the practice as a whole. Clarc has really given us powerful insightsinto the way we naturally operate and where we can improve. It’s helped us finda much more streamlined way of managing our administration."