Contract & Quoting Update

Clarc has launched its Contract and Quoting features, allowing users to seamlessly integrate their workflow within the platform. Users can create quotes and contracts that automatically generate projects upon contract approval. Clients can easily review and sign contracts through an online portal, simplifying the signing process.

Streamline Your Workflow with Clarc's Contract and Quoting Features for Seamless Project Management

Begin your operations with efficiency by simplifying processes from the generation of quotes to the signing of contracts, thereby providing superior client experiences right from the start.

Clarc's new Contract features are out now!

We're happy to announce that the Contract and Quoting features for Clarc are now live!

This will allow you to integrate your entire workflow into Clarc. Right from creating and sending your initial quote through to invoicing for the work you've done.

Here's what you'll see:

How does this work?

You can create new quotes and contracts that automatically generate projects once contract is signed.

Create contracts from templates to streamline the entire process.

Add components to you document that customise the layout and content of your contract.

Add/Edit text and images within your contract easily in our custom document editor.


Save draft contracts and send directly to your client once contracts are approved.

Clients can sign immediately with ease

Your clients can swiftly and conveniently sign your contracts by clicking on an email link. This link directs them to an online portal where they can carefully review and approve the document. Upon confirmation, the document, now filled out with their details and signed in the designated area you specified using the signature component during the contract drafting, is instantly sent back to you.

Generate stages that add up to your total fee

You can easily generate quotes for proposed work by adding your stages and tasks to your contract or contract template. Once the contract is signed, these stages can then be automatically incorporated with budgets into a new project.

The contract function is currently accessible on your Clarc account. Simply navigate to the appropriate page using the right-hand navigation bar.

To further aid you, we'll be launching a tutorial video soon that will detail each feature within the contract function. A prebuilt architectural template will also be provided to guide you through your own contract creation process. more details click here

We'd love to hear from you! Your feedback on our new and existing features is truly invaluable. Let us know your thoughts and how we can better serve you.