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Clarc takes the time out of business admin and removes collaboration mishaps for architects, engineers, surveyors and project managers by integrating all their day-to-day management needs into one tool. By using Clarc, professional consultants are free to focus on the work that matters, which is doing great work for their clients.

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Work Together, Work Simple

Clarc Team

Clarc was founded by Owen Xing, an architect from Auckland, New Zealand.  Owen ran his own architectural firm and it was his experience running his firm that led him to found Clarc.  Owen felt bogged down by administrative management tasks like sorting through timesheet records, invoicing and organising the team around project deadlines. These are critical tasks but they were taking up time he wanted to spend with clients or working on designs.

Many people call this administrative management work a necessary evil but from Owen’s perspective it was just evil.  In a world with DropBox, Xero & Amazon, running an architectural firm shouldn’t have to be such hard work.

When Owen started to look at what a built-for-purpose workflow management tool for architects should look like he discovered something that would set Clarc apart from the mainstream or vanilla workflow tools.  The architect’s workflow is highly collaborative.  Throughout the design, consent and build phases of any development, architects are collaborating with clients and all the other consultants involved in the process, from engineers and surveyors to contractors like builders and landscapers.

So to build a solution to the architect’s workflow Owen needed to build more than just a project management tool, he needed to build a project and collaboration management tool.

And that’s what Owen did.  With Clarc, Owen created a solution that solves these project management and collaboration problems for more than just architects.  He solved them for all types of construction based consultancies, from Engineers and Surveyors to Project Managers and more.  He went one important step further, he solved them for the Client as well.

And that’s the reason for our company motto.  “Work Together, Work Simple” is at the very core of our approach and the value we offer customers.  It’s what we help them do.

We believe in the value of relationships and how teams can achieve so much more than individuals.  Whether those be internal teams or virtual teams formed in partnership with other consultancies.  If we can remove the obstacles to great teamwork we can help our customers achieve so much more.

We also believe in keeping things simple, cutting out the unnecessary complexity.  The modern workflow is a burden on your work day, made more so by the need to collaborate with people in different companies and even different geographies.  What if we could make all this simple and easy?  What if Clarc could remove those roadblocks and do the legwork for you. What if you could focus more of your attention on doing great work for your customers?