Time Zone & Currency Update

Discover the latest updates from Clarc, designed to enhance scheduling, collaboration, and productivity. Customize settings such as time zones, currencies, and public holidays to align with your preferences. Additionally, enjoy the ability to view and edit team members' timesheets and import a wider range of file types for seamless project collaboration.

New Features for Better Scheduling, Collaboration, and Productivity

Customize settings, manage timesheets, and import diverse file types for a more efficient workflow. Embrace the power of Clarc and elevate your project management experience.

Introducing a couple new features for better scheduling, better collaboration, and more productivity

Get the scoop on Clarc's latest updates.

Set Timezone, Currency and Public Holiday

You can now adjust some basic settings, including the time zone, currency, and public holiday region.

To do this:

Navigate to Admin Setting > Organisation Setting > Basic Information. Then, use the drop-down menu to pick your preferred options.

Once these are all set, they will start displaying on your Clarc's timesheet and invoices.

View & Edit Team Members' Timesheet

You will also be able to re-view and edit employees' timesheets individually.

To do this (You must be an admin):

Select Timesheet > under the name menu, choose who you'd like to view >  edit their time entry

More Supported File Types

Previously within project tasks, only pdf files were supported. However, our users can NOW import and view more file types including, Word and Excel attachments, use them as the project references and more...

We hope this little improvement could bring you a smooth and better collaboration within your workspace. Clarc just surpassed another milestone. Thank you for being part of our journey!

As always, we welcome your invaluable feedback on our new and existing features.