The Power of a Dynamic Project Overview with Clarc

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Let’s take a look at the features. We’re excited to announce our latest update - the Project Overview page

We’re excited to announce our latest update - the Project Overview page.

This page is your go-to place for a quick grasp of your project's pulse. It neatly displays key elements like project milestones, total invoiced amount, budget utilization, project notes, key contacts, and essential documents—all in one centralized space.

At the top of the Project overview, there's a milestone function that displays important tasks on a timeline. You can manage your milestone tasks directly on this interface - changing task names, assignees and start date/due date. This simple timeline serves as a valuable tool to monitor the project's progress and completion status effectively.

Adding a task to a Milestone is easy. Simply hover over the status of your task, and you will see the option to mark your task as a milestone. You will also notice a Stage milestone on the timeline by marking a project stage as complete. After the project stage is completed, you will no longer be able to record hours against it.


In the upper right corner, you'll discover summaries of your Project Budget and Invoices, both for the overall project and each individual stage.

Below,  we've provided a summary of all contacts and documents uploaded for the  project. In the Contacts section, you can access essential contact details for your  project's client and partners. Additionally, you have the option to share  their information with others or invite them to join the project by clicking the invite button.

All project documents will be listed here and available for preview. You have the option to designate any documents as critical by adding a star. The sorting feature enables you to exclusively view critical documents or have them pinned to the top for easy access.




We have also included a note pad here for you to jot down any comments or ideas for the project to share with the team! Whether you're just starting on a project or diving in for updates, this page is designed to be your project companion, providing a clear snapshot of the project's status and allowing you to pick up crucial information with ease. Clarc's new project overview page is here to make your project management experience smoother and more intuitive.

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