Resource Management is Here

Optimise project planning and resource allocation with Clarc's Resource Management feature. Schedule and track team hours, monitor project budgets, and gain real-time insights for efficient resource planning and workload allocation.

 Efficient project planning and resource allocation for enhanced productivity

Efficiently plan and allocate your resources with Clarc's new Resource Management feature. Gain real-time insights into project budgets, team capacity, and actual costs for better project planning and resource allocation.

Clarc Team

Plan and AllocateYour Resources

Our development roadmap's upcoming phase includes the feature of Resource Management, which will enable you to schedule hours across the team and compare the estimated project budget versus actual costs for each project.

With the Resource Planner, you can consolidate your personnel and projects into a single real-time schedule, providing the team with a comprehensive overview that aids in project planning and workload allocation in accordance with team capacity.


Planning your projects with confidence Member View

 The Member View feature displays a timeline of your team members' Allocated and Used hours, enabling you to anticipate capacity, monitor actual spending, an ididentify team members with higher or lower availability.

 By obtaining a real-time overview of your team's schedule, you can now confidently plan and assign tasks based on the allowed budget of the project.

To allocate project hours,you can easily click on the cell, and by utilizing the calendar selection, you can create either a single or a recurring cycle depending on the activity type.

Project View

The Project View feature offers a breakdown of the planned budget and actual costs for each project stage, as well as an overview of overall progress. This allows for more efficient project management workflow and helps to forecast your capacity and spend.

Using the Allocation Manager, you can prioritize the allocation of your remaining project budgets. You can sort the list according to Budget Used, Budget Allocated, Budget Allowed, or Budget Remaining, allowing you to identify projects with the least remaining budget or the highest budget usage.

By linking the Resource Planner directly to your personal schedule on Clarc, allocated hours will automatically appear in your schedule, and you can adjust and log them into your timesheet as needed.

Alternatively, you can disable this connection in Admin Settings, and the allocated hours will then appear on the side of your schedule for reference. You can simply drag and drop them into your schedule and log them into your timesheet.

Keep your people informed and projects healthy

The Resource Planner is created to enable your team to plan ahead and supervise the overall project progress, ensuring that the most suitable team member is assigned to the tasks. Integrating it with the scheduling and timesheet function will simplify task tracking for the team, leading to more precise record-keeping and a clear view of the incurred project cost.

We will be enhancing the Resource Planner with feedback from our users, and our design and development team will be leading the optimisation efforts. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding improvements or new features for the Resource Planner, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.