Reporting & Budgeting

Clarc is introducing new reporting features, including cost rates for budget tracking, budget analysis based on cost rates, profitability measurement with team member cost rates, and enhanced employee reports.

Enhance Project Analysis and Boost Profitability

Gain valuable insights into your project budgets, profitability, and team productivity with Clarc's enhanced reporting features.

Clarc's new reporting features are out now!

We've been working hard in the background on a big update to enhance your ability to run reports for your projects.

We're excited to bring you this new update as one of the most recommended features that our customers wanted to see within Clarc.

You can watch our quick intro video below or continue reading to get some fast facts about Clarc's new reporting features.

Clarc Report Introduction Video:

What's new?

We're introducing cost rates. Budgets will now be tracked using these new rates which can be set in your admin settings.

Budget analysis to display to time used according to costrates versus the total budgeted amount.

Measure profitability with team member cost rates displayed against both contracted and actual invoiced amounts.

Break down each of your team members Employee report in more detail to see where you can help your team improve.



Project Budget:

Project budget reports allow you to view an overview of each projects total budgeted and contracted amounts in comparison to the time spent by your team. You can also track how much has been invoiced versus that time spent shown as the pin above your budget bar.


Profitability Reports:

Profitability reports, viewed both visually and as a table, displays the cost of your team members (base on their cost rate) against invoiced amounts. Shown in monthly increments the difference between the two is then recorded as profit. Giving you insight into the profitability of your business that you can break down into individual projects and stages.

Employee Reports:

Employee reports allow you to break down your team’s productivity and workload in much more detail. You can use this to measure the workload of your employees and to see where you can help them improve.

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Let us know what you think! Developed reporting features are a result of our customers feedback and recommendations. We welcome your invaluable feedback on our new and existing features.