Export all your WorkflowMax data

Step-by-step guide on exporting data from WorkflowMax software, showing CSV and XML format options.

Seamlessly transition your data, secure your workflow's future

If you want to move from WorkflowMax to another platform, you may wish to export all your WorkflowMax data into a ZIP file first. The data in the ZIP file can be in either of two formats:

CSV. This format is designed for end-users who need work with the exported data as part of the migration from WorkflowMax to another platform.

XML. This format is designed for use by software developers who need to work with the exported data in specific ways that are supported by the XML format.

The data content of the XML and CSV formats is identical, although the exported data is laid out differently.

The time the export takes depends on the size of your data and number of requests in the queue, and may take from several minutes to several hours. When finished, an email will be sent to your email address. The email contains a link to a downloadable ZIP file, which will remain available for 24 hours.

To Export All Your Data:

1. In the Business menu, select Settings.

2. Under "Connections" heading, select "Export All Data"

3. Export tab, select the export format you require (XML or CSV).

4. Select the "Account Data Export" option.

5. Select your required format; CSV or XLM and click on "Export".   CSV Format is the recommended format to download.  Your request is placed into the export queue.

6. When you receive the "WorkflowMax Export" email, click the link to download your data.

Sourced from https://workflowmaxhelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4402601813529-Export-all-your-WorkflowMax-data