Introducing Advanced Search

Clarc has unveiled an upgraded search functionality that is tailored for every section of the platform, providing users with diverse search criteria to enhance their experience. This enhanced search tool allows users to efficiently locate projects, contacts, invoices, and reports, making it easier to find information. Additionally, the system retains ongoing search parameters even when navigating between projects or pages, ensuring a seamless and efficient searching experience.

Image promoting Clarc's enhanced search functionality, empowering efficient searching across projects, contacts, invoices, and reports, with a 35% discount for new customers. Visit the Clarc Blog for more information.

Enhanced Clarc Search: Your Shortcut to Efficiency.

We're excited to introduce the upgraded search functionality, specifically tailored to accommodate every section within Clarc. This new search tool empowers you to efficiently and accurately locate your target by offering a diverse set of search criteria, enhancing your searching experience.

Let's dive in - Searching Projects

The project search tab allows searching by:

Project number/Project name
Project Tags
Team Leader

You can also choose to view all results associated with the text inserted. The improved search bar will retain your ongoing search parameters, even if you navigate in and out of a project or switch between pages.

Searching Contacts

We've implemented a multi-tagging system that enables you to categorize your contacts based on their roles or other relevant categories. Additionally, you can now use tags for searching, allowing you to quickly filter and display specific groups of contacts, such as Structural Engineers, on the screen.

The tags can be found in Edit Contact Details.

Searching Invoices

You can now easily find invoices by project categories using project tags. You can also search for invoices by their number, project details, invoice amount, or client names using the search bar. Plus, you can add the project tag as an extra filter to refine your results.

We've also added a total invoice amount in the top right corner so you can see how much money is billed or owed for a particular project or client in your search results.

Searching projects in Reports

The enhanced search tool in the reports section now allows you to search by either project or clients, and you can further refine your search by selecting a tag for more precise results. This improvement has been implemented throughout all reports and contract list.

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