Dashboard Wizards

Clarc introduces its new Dashboard interface, designed to provide a centralized view of information and data in one place for enhanced productivity. With a focus on improving collaboration and efficiency, Clarc continues to evolve its platform to meet the needs of users.

Introducing the New Dashboard Interface for Enhanced Productivity

Empower your productivity and streamline collaboration with Clarc's new Dashboard interface. Visualize information at a glance and unlock seamless efficiency for you and your team.

Clarc Team

Since starting Clarc in 2019, our vision to deliver an all-in-one productivity platform that saves people time and makes people more productive remains unchanged.

Today, we are introducing our new Dashboard interface,designed and built to visualise information and all data in one place, and at one simple glance.

We are constantly seeking opportunities that would help you and your teams work together more closely and efficiently than ever before. There are more to come on our roadmaps, so stay tuned 🚀