Simplify Your Billing Process with Invoice Automation

Invoice Automation streamlines your billing process by automatically drafting invoices based on the time and expense entered. These drafts serve as notifications or reminders for clients to review and approve, ensuring accuracy and transparency. This efficient system minimizes manual errors, saves time, and enhances your workflow, allowing you to focus on your core projects while maintaining seamless financial operations.

Streamline billing with Clarc's innovative invoice automation and overdue reminders

Transform your workflow with Clarc: Automated invoicing that saves time, enhances accuracy, and keeps your projects on track


We’re thrilled to introduce Invoice Automation on Clarc. This innovative feature is designed to streamline your billing process by automatically generating invoice drafts for all unbilled hours of your projects, based on your specified invoicing cycle. This automation ensures that you never miss billing for any completed work, while also saving you significant time and effort.

Getting Started with Invoice Automation

To begin, navigate to Admin Settings > Invoice Settings > Invoice Automation. In this section, you can customize several aspects of the automation process:

Invoicing Cycle: Choose the frequency of your invoice generation, whether it be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or any other interval that suits your business needs.

Minimum Billable Hours & Amount Condition: Set a threshold for the minimum number of billable hours required before an invoice draft is generated. This helps in managing small or partial invoices.

Project Exclusions: Exclude specific projects from automation, such as internal or admin projects, to ensure that only client-facing work is invoiced.

Managing Automated Invoice Drafts

Once set up, Clarc will automatically generate invoice drafts and save them in the system, marked with a green highlight to distinguish them from manually created drafts. This visual cue allows you to easily identify and manage automated invoices.

You will have full control over these drafts:

Review: Check each draft to ensure all billed hours and project details are correct.

Edit: Make any necessary adjustments or additions before finalizing the invoice.

Approve and Send: Once satisfied, approve the draft and send it to your client, ensuring a seamless billing process.

Testing Automation

We understand the importance of confidence in new features. That’s why we offer an Automation Test feature. This allows you to trial invoice automation on a selected project, providing you with a hands-on experience before fully implementing it across all your projects. If you have any projects with unbilled hours, this is a great way to see how Clarc’s automation can enhance your billing workflow.

Overdue Invoice Reminders

To further support your financial operations, we’ve introduced overdue invoice reminders. This feature is crucial for maintaining a healthy cash flow by ensuring that clients are consistently reminded of their outstanding invoices. Setting Up Overdue Invoice Reminders in Admin Settings > Invoice Settings, you can set overdue invoice reminders on a cycle that fits your needs. Whether you prefer reminders to be sent after a week, two weeks, or any other interval, you have the flexibility to choose.

Customizing Reminder Templates

To enhance communication with your clients, we have provided two additional email templates specifically for overdue invoice reminders.

First Overdue Invoice Reminder: A template designed for the initial reminder, gently prompting clients about their outstanding invoice.

Ongoing Overdue Invoice Reminders: A follow-up template for continued reminders, ensuring that clients remain aware of their obligations.