How Clarc brings the 5 Essential Project Management Terms into play

Read how Clarc employed the 5 essential project management terms to help lift your project management journey.

It is so exciting to know that as we continue our mission together…

Today, whether you’re an architect, designer, engineer, or surveyor, all your responsibilities have grown into a Jack-Of-All-Trades type of role; mixing design, administrative and business skills to follow the lifecycle of your working process.

This does sound a little anxiety-inducing…and we knew it’s not easy to manage and operate all at the same time, so if you’ve made it this far, congratulations!

However, more responsibilities mean more complex procedures….Therefore, you need to create a smooth workflow to make sure everyone knows what needs to be done and when.

Read how Clarc employed the 5 essential project management terms to help lift your project management journey.

Now onto the good stuff !

First term we are introducing is –


Arguably, Agile now means many different things to many different people.

For us, agile means a smooth and well-coordinated working process. Instead of betting everything on a “big bang” launch, we believed that an agile team delivers work in a small, but consumable increments within a manageable timeframe.

Agile is the core mission of Clarc. We strive to transform the way leaders and their team work together, in one place, for everything. We offer tools that help breaking down your project into multiple phases so you can easily plan, manage, and execute your projects hence, you can focus on producing quality work content for your clients.

*Check out Clarc’s detail ranges of tools and features here.

2. Backlog Grooming

If you work in an organisation where you need to get suggestions and approvals from many stakeholders, there is a potential for your backlog to be a mess. You need to deal with numerous items that aren’t relevant.

“Donut” Worry – Clarc offers a seamless back and forth communication process with the stakeholders, giving you the opportunity to access, manage, and communicate all items in one place.

E.g., if you’re looking at sending multiple contracts to multiple clients, using our pre-built, easy to use contract and quotation template, you can build, send, and keep track of all the different contracts as well as their status (pending/decline/approve) at one go.

*Check out our contract feature here.

3. Divergent Thinking

It can be difficult as a busy professionals to slow down and think divergently. Projects have deadlines and it’s important to make decisions quickly. You may think that if you don’t come up with a solution right away, you’ll disappoint your clients or customers.

However, working too quickly can also cause you to make decisions within your comfort zone instead of taking risks.

Clarc offers a tool that help you access ideas and feedback from multiple perspectives easily. In summary, our users are able to share and sign document, live chat with teams working remotely, as well as work together with other consultants under one platform.

*Check out more about our project collaboration tool.

4. Human Resource

We believed project management is not solely about managing the projects but also how personnel will be managed.

For instance, are you a business owner who is sick of dealing with daily administrative tasks like having tons of sick leave request showing up on your email?

Clarc is born to make this side of business easier to manage! Under our timesheet feature, not only you can easily manage your team member’s attendance, but also keep track of all their remaining leave balance, working hours in one page, and more…

*Check out the timesheet feature here.

5. Integration

This refers to when two software platform can synchronize with the other’s data and workflow. Integration opens seamless and endless possibilities between software applications. They are the key to better communication and greater efficiency.

Gmail and Xero integration are now accessible in our platform. Clarc has big plans and are looking into pairing up with more apps in the near future… so stay tuned! It is so exciting to know that as we continue our mission together…