Discover the Latest WIP Report on Clarc!


WIP report serves as the ideal tool for forecasting your project's future revenue.

With the recent updates on Clarc, we're excited to introduce a Work-In-Progress manager for your projects.

Head over to Invoice - Manage Billable Hours

This manager allows you to easily view and manage all your un-invoiced time & expense of all projects, so that you don’t miss out on any billable items.

Lets take a look!

The total numbers at the top gives you an overview of your un-invoiced time and expense, as well as a forecast of your estimated billings for the selected period.

Uninvoiced Hours/Amount - Total billable time that are not yet invoice.

Uninvoiced Expense - Total billable expense that are not yet invoiced.

Total WIP - All uninvoiced time and expense of the project, including non-billable time & expense and write offs.

Estimated Billings - An estimated forecast of the actual billable amount, which excludes non-billable time & expense and write offs.

You can apply filters to help you narrow down the result on this report. This includes:

- Selecting specific projects

- Select project tags

- Select stage billing types

- Select date range

Once any filter has been applied. You will see more details of the selected projects, including total write off, non-billable and invoiced amounts.

The manager offers two views - Project View and Member View. Both views provides a diagram to show the comparison between invoiced and un-invoiced amounts.

Project View

Member View

In addition to displaying amounts, we also offer the option to view this report in hours, allowing you to easily identify invoiced and uninvoiced time at a glance.

You can delve deeper by clicking into a project or a member, which will provide you with a comprehensive list of all invoiced and uninvoiced time and expenses. From there, you can make adjustments to each item, such as modifying hours, rates, notes, or even the project stage.

You also have the option to select all uninvoiced items from here and add them to an invoice draft.

The new WIP report serves as the ideal tool for forecasting your project's future revenue.

Whenever you need to work out the billable time for each project, this is your one-stop destination!

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